Freshest and highest quality seafood products

Golden Fresh employs one of the strictest programs in quality control in line with its long held tradition of ensuring the production of untainted, fresh, premium quality seafood at all times.

Our value added and diversified fish products are strictly using only prime sustainable fishes. Explore our wide range of fish products; whther its goujons, cocktails or bites in various coatings and toppings.

Natural squid precision cut by machine or hand-cut specifically into spirals, rings, chunks coated with wide range of crumb, tempura, batter and coatings.

Our succulent prawns are prepared in many ways, such as marinated in sauce for baking, microwaving, tempura, special batters, unique crumbs & coatings for frying & baking.

Additional seafood range offering includes authentic seafood soup, seafood burgers, pastry puffs, filo twists, specialty rolls, marinated and sauced products.